Early Intervention Series


NASET is proud to offer a new series devoted exclusively to the concept of Early Intervention. This series will cover all aspects of Early Intervention focusing especially on understanding this population and information are necessary if you are asked to work with this population of students.  However, to understand who is included in this population we must first clarify several concepts, definitions, and foundational issues.

The  areas covered in this series will include:

Part 1 - Early Intervention, Then and Now

Part 2 - What is Early Intervention?

Part 3 - Writing the IFSP

Part 4 - Parent Participation in Early Intervention

Part  5 - Writing the IFSP for Your Child

Part 6 - Providing Early Intervention Services in Natural Environments

Part 7 - Transition to Preschool

Part 8 - Public Awareness and the Referral System

Part 9 - Who’s Who in Early Intervention

Part 10 - Effective Practices in Early Intervention

Part 11 - Key Terms to Know in Early Intervention

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