EDS-501 - Setting Up a Special Education Classroom

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Course Overview

Setting up a Special Education Classroom is aimed at providing educators with very practical advice on a variety of topics faced by special educators every day. This course will provide new teachers with practical guidelines for beginning the school year as a special education teacher and experienced teachers with supportive information which may help improve their classroom.

There are a variety of settings in which you may be hired in the field of special education. These include a a resource room, self-contained special education classroom or an inclusion setting, to name a few. This course presents a step-by-step approach that should be taken to insure the welfare of the children, appropriate educational settings, information that should be gathered, communicating with related service providers, parents, paraprofessionals, assistant teachers, and other areas to make your job easier and more rewarding.

This course assumes no prior knowledge of special education and provides important information on the various special education environments. When noted, certain information is best suited for a specific type of setting. If not noted, then assume that the information being presented applies to all settings discussed in this course.

This course will provide you with important tools to "hit the floor running" if you are placed in a job as a special education teacher at the beginning of the new school year.


The focus of this professional development course will be to teach you the following:

  • What to do before the school term begins
  • Getting to know your students
  • Assessment terminology
  • Components of an IEP
  • Related services
  • Transition goals and services
  • Measuring progress on an IEP
  • IQ scores and ranges
  • Designing and setting up your classroom
  • Station oriented models
  • Teacher centered models
  • Child oriented models
  • School policy considerations
  • Evaluating existing materials
  • Meeting with parents
  • Meeting with staff members
  • Effective parent conferences
  • Types of Inclusion delivery systems

Terminology you will learn in this course includes:

Educational enrollment Primary record folder Age equivalent
Grade equivalent Local percentile National percentile
Raw score Scaled scores Mean
Range Standard deviation Standard scores
Stanines T-scores Z-scores
Annual goals Health alerts Modifications
Accommodations Assistive technology Station oriented classroom arrangement
Teacher centered classroom arrangement Station teaching Parallel teaching
Alternate teaching Team teaching  

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