Autism Spectrum Disorders Series

NASET’s Autism Spectrum Disorders Series

Overview, Assessment, Interventions and Strategies for Success

Welcome to NASET’s Autism Spectrum Disorders Series: Overview, Assessment, Interventions and Strategies for Success.  This is NASET 's e-publication on the latest information on autism spectrum disorders.

The most recent research on autism reveals a tremendous rise in its incidence, with reports of it occurring in 1 to every 150 children (Center for Disease Control, 2007).  Given the dramatic rise in numbers, it is inevitable that special education professionals will be working with students with autism spectrum disorders throughout their entire careers.  The NASET Autism Spectrum Disorders Series is a monthly education resource that will focus on the research, writing, and practical information that we have obtained on causes, characteristics, eligibility, assessment, and teaching strategies. We hope you find this series both informative and helpful. Topics covered in this series will include:

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